My Highlights for 2019!

  1. Netball, being in the year 8 netball A team and going to tournament
  2. Friends, going miss them being in my class
  3. Teacher, I’m going to miss my wonderful teacher when I’m off to high school
  4. class, going to miss all the funny laughs we had and all the memories we made all together
  5. camp, missing all the activites we did and memories I made with other people
  6. Hargest, going to miss competing against James hargest beating them In netball 44-9
  7. TahunaExchange, going to miss competting against Tahuna and beating them In netball 45-2

What I am looking forward to in 2020

  1. playing netball for Wataki girls high school
  2. playing volleyball
  3. playing tennis
  4. making new friends
  5. meet the new teachers
  6. playing badminton
  7. going on tournaments

The Swamp!!

We were walking over to the swamp. I was so nervous because I didn’t want to get my shoes and clothes wet In the dirty disgusting swamp! we were working together going through the swamp we had to use three planks to get across the swamp without failling In but If we fell In we would have to restart all over again.

As soon as we started we were all worried that the plank that we were standing on was going to break. And we were just like ” OMG It’s gonna fall off and all our clothes and shoes are gonna get wet”. I was about to fall off the palnk but blake held on to me!

We were getting close to the end of the swamp. We were working hard together through and then we finally reached the end. I was so happy that was over becasue I didn’t want to fall Into the dirty disgusting creppy swamp but over all It was fun and I enjoyed Boyle River Camp 2019!

The weekends!

In the weekend I went to this Tuvaluan thing which was fun because their were alot of kids there and parents to. We had alot of food and It was yummy we had sweet and sour, fried rice, butter chicken, curry, salmon, fish, puta and funafuna. After that I was so full because I dished alot of food and that made me so full. For descert we had Ice cream and cake on top of It and It was delicous.

And that was my weekend.

My sister!

I was told that my sister Sili used to be pretty when she was young. Now she still looks the same but a little bit different because she used to be skinny but now a little chubby. She has brown hair, black eyes, short, brown skin likes to cook and sing at the same time. she likes to dance to hip hop music for her workouts In the morning and eat snacks while she’s watching a movies and that’s her favourite thing to do when she has nothing to do at home. My sister Sili doesn’t like playing sports she’s not Into sports, she’s Into phones 24/7.

the top 10 momments of your school year 2019

1 Winning the year 8 netball against james hargest

2 Winning the year 8 boys basketball against james hargest 45-40

3 Winning the hargest Exchange 2019

4 Winning against Tahuna 44-9

5 getting Into the top team for netball

6 competing In swimming sports

7 having a great teacher

8 having good friends In room 5

9 having the best class that wins dodgeball

10 making It Into the top year 8 basketball team